The shift…

You have to experience this to truly understand the shift that gong therapy gives you. Joh works in a intuitive way with sound that reaches the core of you.💜


Intuition accelerated

I believe the sound healing helped me to access knowledge to take the necessary steps towards improving my health.  It helped facilitate this understanding by accelerating my intuition and guided me to the knowledge which has enabled me to explore more of what I need to now do.  I’m  determined to be healthier” 

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Reduced pain…

Before coming today I had a lot of aches and pains around my shoulders and down through to my legs which felt very very heavy and uncomfortable.  I was very stressed.  I didn’t have any reservations coming here as I’d had this treatment some time ago.  It was easy, I felt comfortable, relaxed and even Continue Reading


Just relax…

Fantastic sessions – a great way to relax from the business of today’s lifestyles.