What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy works put simply by shifting your vibrations to a more balanced state.  It does this by facilitating and triggering the body’s own capacity to self-regulate and self-heal.

How? The principles of resonance in the human body is that everything has a frequency at which it naturally resonates, known as it’s Prime resonance Frequency or (PRF).


At this frequency an object absorbs energy more readily.  Each component of the body has its own PRF: cells, organs and bones.


The principle of entrainment states that powerful rhythmic vibrations from one source will cause the less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into the vibration of the first source.

Nature always seeks the most efficient state; it takes less energy to pulse in co-operation that in opposition.  In other words, to vibrate at your highest possible vibration as this takes less effort and follows the path of least residence through harmonisation


The benefits of Sound Therapy include:

  • Deeply meditative

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Shuts down the chattering mind (almost instantly)

  • Relaxing and very calming

  • Instills peacefulness

  • Re-tunes, re-aligns, rebalances

  • Expands sensory awareness of the mind to this world and others

  • very releasing to the mind, body and soul

  • Increases right brain activity and initiates creativity

  • By-passes your thinking mind and communicates directly with your subconscious mind and body.

  • Feeling stuck? It works on an energetic level to release blocks and stagnation

  • Penetrates at the cellular level and calms the nervous system

  • Spikes nitric oxide – feel good factor released in the brain similar to endorphins.

  • Works with clear intention to initiate laser-like focus

  • We focus on the solution state (what you most want in life right now)

  • Realigns the chakras and energy spots in the body

  • Brings clarity

  • Aligns you to your true path.


Sometimes shifts can happen very quickly.   I have seen clients lives start to reflect back to them, their new desired state as if by magic.


Who is this for?

  • The stressed, overworked, overtired

  • Insomniacs

  • In need of pain relief

  • Feeling stuck in life

  • In need of direction or change

  • In recovery from illness and want to heal more holistically

  • Creatives – artists, frustrated would-be-artists, musicians, actors etc

  • In need of creative inspiration (see above for creatives) – it expands your right brain (creative side), and shuts down the left brain (overthinking, logic, analytical brain) – better integration of left/right brain activity.

  • Overcoming resistance to whatever is holding you back.


Sometimes there is a resistance to change and this can come up during treatment.  This is identifiable during the process.  Remaining open to whatever comes next with an open heart and mind enables you to get past this if ready to move on.


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