The Rhythm of Life and the Fibonacci Sequence

 Forthcoming dates September – December Autumn 2019

Time to Re-Boot and Re-calibrate with Sound Healing Vibrations using Fibonacci, Phi and the Golden Ratio

We will be working with Sounds of nature In addition to the Gong and other Sound Healing Tools, I will be working with a specific range of TUNING PIPES.  The FIBONACCI TUNING PIPES.  This will form part of the Gong Mediation experience as I weave words in meditation to connect us to the elements described below.

SEPTEMBER 21st – The Stars

OCTOBER 5th – The Sun

OCTOBER 19th – The Moon

NOVEMBER 2nd – Earth – (Winter)

NOVEMBER 16th – Water – (Summer)

NOVEMBER 30th – Air – (Spring)

DECEMBER 14th – Fire – (Autumn)

We are the stars from which stardust took flight 
We are the sun, without which there is no life
We are the Moon that illuminates our spirit
We are the earth that gravity awaits
We are the water that runs through our veins
We are the air, that breathes, so that we may live
We are the fire that inspires our soul that we may thrive
May we stay connected to all that is and more


In this theme, which will run up until Christmas 2019, I will not be advising you to cut back on social media etc – that’s your choice.  Rather I want to explore, reconnect,  and to ‘Feel before we can heal’ to that what is freely available to us.

Themed Intentions….

The idea, like space clearing, is to clear the decks, connect back to the natural rhythm and elements of life. Find ways to fill the void, if that’s what you need, in a natural and organic way. We will be connecting with the natural order of life, the patterns, the shapes, the Sacred Geometry of all things that exist in the natural world away from the computerised world.

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Technological overload……

To the multiple systems that communicate synergistically within us to keep us balanced, healthy and strong. this includes our organs, nervous system and mind etc – its a challenging time!  Technology is de-sensitising us to the natural nuances of life in alls its forms. Habits formed are hard to break and once ingrained its a pattern that shapes our lives.

Like the organisational systems of a computer and its’ ever expanding connections designed to make our lives easier, it seems as if this electrical man-made grid is interfacing with humanity in a way that is causing our circuits to overload, fry and burn.  

Instead of it being useful, in a world of excess, this short circuiting is also disconnecting us from the sensitivities of pure consciousness, from nature and the subtleties of life – the circadian rhythms, cycles of life, the patterns that shape our lives, and the spiralling forms that bind us to the natural order of existence and life itself.  

There is discordance, or a dissonance – You may feel this as, the feeling of being out of sync, out of balance, in overwhelm, feeling panic, anxiety and stress, and so much more – you name it.  

These are states of imbalance or disharmony on one level or another.  For sure, and for many, this sensory overload is beginning to frazzle our minds to the point of distraction, and where frazzled minds makes for frazzled thinking and dis-ease.

There is a definite shift in consciousness and the world is changing as we battle this evolution of sorts – Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and a lack of harmony as we manoeuvre our way forward. Seeking balance is an ongoing process.

Electrical beings….

Without doubt we are electrical beings forever seeking harmony as we find and sing to our own musical sheet.  We have orchestrated systems within us, and when a string or note goes out of tune or plays the wrong key note, it affects the whole orchestra, or organism.   

We are forever in motion – energy never stands still, it keeps moving, the journey never ends as we find our own key notes, our own optimal resonant frequencies that keep us healthy, vibrant and alive during change.  This is our electrical system and change happens all the time, new patterns can be formed and new healthier life enhancing habits to be lived.

The Elements…

The 4 elements

We will explore the fabric of life and all that binds us altogether as one – the rhythms, cycles, the interweaving thread that connects the dots, and all that makes consciousness conscious.

The Stars

This will include Stars, Sun and Moon, and the 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air.   These are the elements in life that connects us as one, to the Ether or the Spirit of life. 

The Moon, The Sun…

Each element or force has attributes connected to the human spirit and all living and sentient beings.  We can’t see it but its possible to feel it. 

Phi, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence…

We will be working with Phi, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence.  The Fibonacci sequence is a  formula used in mathematics, is the foundation of maths and can unlock the hidden mysteries found in nature. Each successive number in this sequence is obtained by adding the two previous numbers together. More info here. So, the sequence goes: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on.  See the pattern…the connection with Phi, or the Golden Ratio of 1.618

Leonardo De Vinci Art

Long before modern psychologists tested it, artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dalí, and Claude Debussy, among many others, were found to be using the golden rectangles, as well as other golden shapes and proportions adhering to the golden ratio, in their architecture and art. 


It’s where the shape aesthetically makes the most pleasing form and shows up in human art, they also show up in the “art” of the natural world—in everything from shells to sunflowers!

Divide the longest side by the shortest side – the perfect triangle = 1.618


The sound of these particular fibonacci Tuning Pipes echo like that of the inner workings of a shell – metaphorically connecting us to the spirals of life like the patterns in nature such as that found on the shell.  For the connections to sound and music read here

They have an etheric feel, other worldly and will connect us to the spiritual essence of the world around and within us.  The Fibonacci sequence helps us to find realities inside other realities, the patterns within the patterns as we connect our own dots.. healing can be more forceful & better when done in an alternate reality than in a normal one.

As with all my themes this is an exploratory and creative experience primarily for the purposes of allowing you to find your own solutions in an empowering and intuitive inner-standing.  

A space to breath away from the technological interference of the unnatural world.  I hope that here you will find it easier to let go of habits that are currently overloading humanity in its present form.

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Joh 🙂