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Space clearing disperses that heavy, dense negative feeling bringing in a lighter more balanced feel to the environment, spaces and surroundings, your aura and energy.  

If you can imagine a forest garden with earthy hints of a fresh, woody and earthy scent just like the tree itself?  This is Siberian Fir Needle.  Now add more woody soft notes with a faint undertone of sandalwood, this is Cedar Wood.  Add to this the warm spicy, hauntingly earthy wood smell, this is Frankincense.


Are you feeling this yet?  Ok lets add a cleansing, clearing ceremonial aspect of White Sage, with its heady, smokey, menthol, sharp, cooling and intoxicating effects. Then finally included is the heavenly indescribable fragrant pure wood with its calming tranquil sense of peace known as Palo Santo.


It doesn’t end there…

You have two base choices

Number 1.

Rose Floral Water – well known for its comforting aromatic essence that carries the highest resonating measurable frequencies of all essential oils

Number 2

Lavender Floral water – well known for its cleansing, soothing and relaxing energy.



If you’ve ever followed the work of Dr Masuru Emoto who studied the effects of water, consciousness and intention, you’ll be aware of the profound effects that words and intentions can have on water/liquid.  


Based on his principle theories I charge my Space Clearing Smudge Spray with a specific healing frequency and hold clear intention and a non-religious blessing to every bottle.


You will see that this is also the perfect travelling companion…… you pick up the energy of the previous occupants when travelling?  If you’re like me and sensitive to the spaces and rooms when travelling, the 30ml size is ideal for travel.  



  • Removing stagnant or negative energy from your immediate living space.

  • Clearing predecessor energy (from prior occupants)

  • Moving into a home

  • Clearing gemstones for personal use

  • After an illness

  • As a gift E.g., housewarming

  • In hotel rooms and travel

  • After a disagreement, arguments, break-ups, emotional upheaval, or trauma



  • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space

  • Between clients, especially for bodywork or therapeutic clients

  • Between classes

  • Before or after meetings

  • Before and after parties or other group gatherings


100% Pure unadulterated Palo Santo "Holy Wood' Bursera Graveolens.

In South America Shamans have used Palo Santo Wood and Incense for healing, clearing, and bringing in positive energy. There are additional methods and tools used to space clear, and include essential oils, sea salt, crystals, intention and prayer.


The supplier processes only naturally dead branches and trunks, without cutting down any living trees, damaging the surrounding area or making new paths. There is not harvesting of Palo Santo, but recollecting (pick up) of naturally dead Palo Santo. The trees are 50+ years old.


Palo Santo has a fragrant pure warm woody essence - it is calming and tranquility inducing, meditative and transmits a sense of peace. It is used for space clearing, shifts negative energy along with its uplifting and energy boosting properties.


So many asked me to create something that was pure and safely combined with another oil to be used on the skin so I created these 10ml roller balls that you can easily pop in your bag or pocket.

It's a simple combination of pure fractionated Coconut Oil and pure Palo Santo. Thats it! Conveniently packaged and ready to use.

NB: Not for use on skin by pregnant women and children

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