I taught exercise for many years in the 80’s and 90’s and also have a Sport Science degrees so it seemed natural to explore other dimensions of health from a more holistic perspective.

With Don Conreaux 2018 at the Gonging for Humanity Event/training and Guiness World record attempt for the largest gathering of Gong players at Olympia, London- we did it by the way 193 Gong Players

I trained and qualified in Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Seichem in the late 90’s.  Further training followed in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Indian Head more than 10 years ago now .   I found Sound Therapy around 2011 and dipped in and out of it whilst holding down a ‘normal’ job.  I finally left my job in 2016, upskilled with some of the best teachers I could find in the world of sound including Sheila Whittaker, Jens Zygar, Don Conreaux, Tony Nec and Debbie Walker.

With Phillip McNamara, Gong Master/Percussionist and, Jens Zygar – Planetary Gongs co-creator May 2019

Sound Healing Therapy for me is the most powerful of them all, followed by a close second with hypnotherapy – Its a world I now immerse myself in.

I would say that most of my therapies are largely energy based, whether they are words used to inspire, energise, manifest your reality within a sensory and contextual experience, they all aim to make you feel better, gain balance and understanding through deep relaxation, meditation, creative visualisation, stress reduction and self-care.  


I now combine aspects of the last 30 years and include this in my Sound Therapy practice.  

I work very intuitively with passion and creativity as I call on aspects of my creative nature –  I was a Fashion Designer for many years prior to entering the world of alternative and complementary health.  Even this aspect of myself I put this to good use.

I work with language a lot, which is why I work with worded themes as the guided meditation and visualisation can utterly and completely change the experience when you realise that you can direct the energy with words, the energy and understanding you give to a desired experience when you work with intention.

Press the pause button whenever you can!

I have found that Sound Therapy has the profound ability to still the mind as it puts you very quickly into a deep date of meditation with brain wave frequencies associated with lucid dreaming, sleep and altered states, the imagination of beta and theta – the perfect medium for creative visualisation and inspired sub-conscious manifestation.

It helps bring clarity and understanding to answer you may seek as we work with intention – Here I utilise the understanding of hypnotherapy as I weave words for crystallisation as you are lead into the sound therapy experience

Join me in the wonder of SOUND THERAPY with Gongs, Tibetan Bowsl, Tuning Pipes and there therapeutic sound healing tools.

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