New Moon in Scorpio 15.11.2020


The New Moon Symbolises New Beginnings

It’s a time to plant and nurture new seeds and an opportunity to press the reset button with new ideas and new desires.  New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon conjoin, occupying the same degree of an astrological sign. This means that our core identity (Sun) and emotions and feelings (Moon), align.  As the Moon begins a new cycle, we’re invited to start one too. New Moons are known accordingly as times of initiation and intention-setting.

In the sign of Scorpio 7/5/2020

Scorpio Star Sign Personality: Approximately October 23 – November 21

Scorpio is the Fixed (unmovable) Water (emotional) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yin (receptive) and its symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio is the “I desire” sign of the zodiac. Those with the Sun in Scorpio sense everything, show nothing and are driven by a desire to feel life on the deepest and darkest level.

They are intense, penetrating, secretive, jealous, introspective, passionate, strong-willed, possessive and probing.

Further traits include:

  • Enjoys a big and bold lifestyle
  • Have a powerful ability to focus
  • Trustworthy and faithful.
  • The ability to overcome massive obstacles
  • Power, position and money are key motivators

Ruling planet Pluto

Pluto rules Scorpio. Pluto is the God of the underworld and wealth.  Pluto represents transformation, uncovering dark forces withindestruction, compulsion, power, control, life, death, renewal and rebirth. Change will take place whether or not you embrace it. You will need to let go and accept what has been handed to you, either spiritually or materially. The old ways will be replaced by something better.


  • THE NEW MOON is at 23 degrees in the sign of SCORPIO 15th Nov 2020 at 5.07am (UK).
  • The number 15 in numerology represents harmony, healing and love
  • The number 23 in numerology is a royal number and brings you the gift of courage, freedom, adventure and creativity.
  • Scorpio will intensifies everything
  • Scorpio observes everything
  • Scorpio transforms energy
  • Scorpio uncovers truths
  • With courage seek the freedom that awaits us. We must move beyond perceived restrictions.
  • Love is the energy that will set you free
  • The polarities you see are the shades of darkness being amplified. .
  • It’s time for the rebirth and scorpio will help you respond with greater fortitude, clear intention and action.
  • As a water sign, Scorpio is forever in motion. It seeks to flow, to expand, to go beyond and grow.
  • The earth is mostly water, and so are we. We are expanding in consciousness and we are becoming more ‘fluid’.
  • `What’ we do E.g, the linear experience of living – go to school, college, job etc will matter less.
  • ‘How’ we do things will matter more – this is a creative process with less emphasis on the outcome. How you make people feel matters more. This is a more intuitive and emphatic way of living.
  • Activated by the Planet Venus (Love, peace) there is stellium between Jupiter (abundance)/Pluto (Power) /Saturn (control), and also in Capricorn (steadfast ) Justice will be restored, and joy will inspire you. (Last activated 4,000 years ago).
  • We are on the pivot of change.
  • Mercury stationed direct late Tuesday 10th Nov, while Mars is slowing down rapidly before stationing direct on Friday November 13. This means Mars and Mercury, two personal planets governing how we think and how we ignite inner fire are at a standstill. 
  • This means we are living in the “in-between zone”. Things are about to happen
  • The Piscean age is ending and the New Aquarian age about to begin. 
  • Many energies are being re-aligned and it feels like a vibrational earthquake is taking shape! This awakening is happening across the planet.
  • It’s a time to also be still! Your internal engine is in the process of cleansing and upgrading.
  • Uranus governs Aquarius and Uranus is the planet of awakening. Uranus is here to set you free so that you can explore life without restriction. The energy is rapid, electrifying and intensely emotional at times.
  • The continued activation of ‘fear’ needs to play out. Fear is an illusion and a perceived reality that stifles your ability to move forward.
  • Fear once acknowledged brings healing. These are just old paradigm shifts are coming up for resolution as we enter a world of greater liberty, joy and love.
  • There can be no greater time to listen to your intuition, to take the highest vibratory road to self-mastery and self-discovery – here lies your truth.
  • Life as we once knew it will be less about goals and more about enjoying the spiralling processes of life with the ability to bend and move on a ‘Road less travelled’.
  • Our highest desire is for truth and to live in integrity.
  • Spiritual connections, living in flow in a more dynamic multi-dimensional way is where we are heading.
  • This is the journey toward the true Aquarian age. It will be a period where time and space will not exist – this is a complete move away from the linear experience of life where restriction constriction and control reigned. This time is collapsing in on itself as we mover toward self-mastery and advanced intuitive living.
  • Find what you love, do what brings you joy, follow the path of inner peace – this will melt away old traumas and fears.
  • We came here to share, to experience and to create. It can be described as the liquid flow of life where there is no beginning or end. Seek to live in that forever place of love!

Extracted from Tania Gabrielle

New Moon Rituals

People often come together in “moon gatherings,” where candles are lit, intentions are set. Some people may prefer a solitary ritual where they smudge their space with sage or diffuse essential oils, light a new candle, meditate and go deep within to discover what they want to bring into their lives during the next month. Your ritual could otherwise be as simple as sitting down in a quiet space and writing out your goals for the next 30 days.

Making Your Desires a Reality

After your New Moon ritual, sit with your desire for the next couple of days. Visualize what your life would be like when your desire becomes your reality. Experience what it would feel lie with all your senses – include smells, tastes, feelings, see and hear what you desire and intend. You might not know or understand how it will be accomplished but the New Moon phase is a time of trust yourself and your ability to make it happen.

Focus on something you can achieve

At the New Moon you could desire all sorts of things that are unattainable, so but be realistic, because what you focus on will only remain potential unless it’s something you can actually achieve. 

Remember you always have free will regardless of planetary activity

Next New Moon 14th Dec 16.16pm