The New Moon Symbolises New Beginnings

It’s a time to plant and nurture new seeds and an opportunity to press the reset button with new ideas and new desires.  New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon conjoin, occupying the same degree of an astrological sign. This means that our core identity (Sun) and emotions and feelings (Moon), align.  As the Moon begins a new cycle, we’re invited to start one too. New Moons are known accordingly as times of initiation and intention-setting.

In the sign of Aries  23/03/2020 (UK time)

Aries is the Cardinal (initiating), Fire (passionate) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yang (outgoing), and it is represented by the Ram. Aries is the “I am” sign of the zodiac and is the first sign of the 12 zodiacs. Those with the Sun in Aries initiate action independently and are head-strong. Aries are strong willed and ambitious. They are risk takers, passionate, impatient with high expectations of self and situations. They are also bold intense loyal people to both friends and family.

Ruling planet Mars

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and Fire is its element. Mars is known as the god of War. The energy of Mars is assertive, disciplined, takes the initiative and is willing to take forceful action when necessary. Mars influence is competitive, self-driven and highly self motivated.

But Mars also tends to make those under its influence act quickly before thinking things through. Both physically and emotionally passionate in the pursuit of relationships and with family, they have the same drive and energy toward achieving whatever they set their hearts too.

This Months New Moons teachings

  • At this New Moon there is a fast forward momentum of energy with a triple conjunction with Mars, its ruling planet, and with Jupiter – the planet of joy and expansion, and also Pluto – the planet of empowerment and transformation.  
  • The Planet Uranus, the planet of evolutions and revolutions also remains active until at least 2025
  • There is a stream of frequencies sweeping throughout the earth connecting us all at this time and it feels like we are living in strange times.
  • Consciousness as we know it is speeding up and a re-order of life is happening.
  • It may seem like a very difficult and vulnerable time for most of us right now, for the planet, and the human race. Things seem beyond our control and moving at a lightening pace with restrictions being placed on us all.
  • We are facing many unknowns but we have to find strength in the unknown. Hold steadfast.
  • There is an enormous planetary reboot going on and the reset button has been pressed.
  • It’s a time of renewal on multiple levels and life as we know it will never be quite the same again.
  • This new moon is the 6th consecutive and final New Moon at 4 degrees – creating a universal 4 x 4 code (The year 2020 and the 4 degrees)
  • The number 4 is the number of order, the 4 seasons, the 4 directions of the earth. – we have a turning of the guard.
  • Four will put things into place, bring order and show you where to put your energy so that it does not dissipate so easily in the future.
  • We are having to let of old ways being and doing as we move into the Aquarian age – although it may not feel like it right now, It is said to bring greater freedom, equilibrium and peace.
  • It can feel like a challenging and frightening time, but we have to trust that out of chaos will come order.
  • We are ultimately moving toward a less fearful place but we first have to move through the fear and look at what scares us most about what we do fear.
  • The earth is cleaning up its act and the world is literally on lockdown as it reboots.
  • We can see this with the Coronavirus as it sweeps the world. This is causing fear and an unprecedented level of panic.
  • Finding balance, not getting caught up in the chaos, holding steadfast and calm isn’t always easy – this is the nature of humanity including feelings of vulnerability with things we cannot control.
  • It’s a good time however to look at what you most fear? What are you most afraid of?  That you might catch the virus, maybe a family member? 
  • But what if you looked fear in the eye, embraced it, allowed it to emerge without berating yourself for feeling what you feel, real or imagined.
  • When you surrender to the feeling, the Aries spirit will help you ‘Feel the fear and to it anyway’. Trust that it will move through you.
  • Aries is the ‘I can’ of the zodiac – Mars will help you handle the information without getting pulled too much into the vortex of fear and trust that the divinity within will help you adjust your sails accordingly.
  • Aries is also the original ‘I am’ of the zodiac not allowing the forces outside of themselves to consume them – follow its lead – seek the positives and move forward and beyond your fears.
  • So smile just because, or if you don’t feel like it – rest, take time out, meditate, do what makes you feel good within the constraints placed upon us right now – talk to a friend, seek comfort in kindness, embrace the silence and the stillness as we are all being forced to slow down and reflect on some level. 
  • Surrendering brings inspiration – be proactive in your actions for a more optimistic and hopeful future.
  • The sun and moon is also conjunct Chiron (discovered 1977) – the planet of healing and the sacred healer.  When Chiron joins forces with Aries it brings courage and confidence.
  • This is a very powerful healing duo – Chiron heals through love.
  • Chiron will introduce a greater level of health and bring more balance.
  • We are having to be be more conscious with hygiene, to be cleaner in general, eat healthier, to build our immune system so that we do not succumb to disease, viruses and bacteria.
  • To also take care of each other on a global level – to be more responsible, to care more and to share more. We are all in this together, as we are in the world.
  • This uplifting energy is here to be utilised – remember fear suppresses the immune system. Focus on the positives, no matter how small. Ensure you have those boundaries in place (lock down) whilst this reset is taking place so that you remain safe and healthy.
  • Do choose wisely where you get your information from and avoid the negative controlling mainstream media.
  • We are being showered with unprecedented teachings. The human experience is showing us what it means to be a part of human race – We got this!
  • No man is an island – 2020 is connecting people in the most unlikeliest of ways as we realise we are all one.
  • We are literally each others keepers and we are all a part of the global community.
  • The galaxy, the stars the environment is constantly resetting with burst of new energy all the time.
  • This is earths super nova moment – we are being gifted the opportunity to appreciate life at its fullest. To love more, to be more together, to work as one, on an equal footing.
  • Its time to be decisive, to be clear, to keep it simple, to be open and to be resolute in our actions.
  • Stay safe and be well in mind, body and spirit. Seek peace, stay centred, this too shall pass.
  • For now look at what you can control – You got this!

Take care, until next time. Love Joh x