When we listen to the gong the whole body vibrates to its song where it will  bring you back into harmony by forced resonance.  Resonance is the phenomenon in which a vibrating system drives another system to oscillate to its own specific frequencies.


The gong is the highest producer of resonant tones to bring you back into alignment with yourself, and this makes it the ideal holistic healing tool.



Sounds works with the power of intention which is enhanced and supported on an energetic level.  In my classes I like to describe it as an arrow, and sound is the bow to your arrow.  You direct the energy, let it go, trust the flow and watch it go as the sounds propel you forward in the direction you wish to go.  


An intention is a desire or wish that you connect with, with all of your senses.  When you capture the emotion of your desires this makes it real.  Everything begins in the mind, your imagination and your ability to create is the beginning of the manifestation process. 


Everything in nature has its own peak `note’, when working at optimum levels, including us mere mortals – that includes every cell and organ, and has a measurable resonant frequency.  When not operating at optimal levels such as when we can become ill and in a state of dis-harmony.  


Entrainment happens when a more powerful tone imposes itself on a weaker tone, they start to resonate together at the same pitch. The weaker tone succumbs to the more powerful and stronger tone.


When you listen to the gong, the sounds will penetrate the body and any part that is weak and not resonating at optimal levels with its own `note’.  It will resonate in sympathy with the stronger tones, in this case the gong.  


The gong has such rich depth, is so complete, complex and varied, your body will find and know exactly what it needs.  It will `soak’ up the right frequencies offered by the gong bringing you back into a greater sate of harmony and at a more optimum or peak note.

Think tuning, harmonic resonance and intention. This is sound healing!

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