Let tired leaves fall… time to live a more balanced intuitively inspired life

With intuitive insights, and creative inspiration, its time to propel ourselves forward into a new era with inspired 20/20 vision. Its time to be your own `Seer’.

After the tumultuous year of 2019 we leave behind more than just a year, but an era of imbalance and chaotic energies! 2019 was the grand finale of the decade and its affects reached far and wide.  It’s time to give way to the New Year, and a new decade and a new you! 

There has been global divide amongst nations, its peoples with ideas and perceptions that crossed culture, politics, gender, religion and so much more.  There has been little tolerance, give or understanding on multiple levels and on multiple sides

It’s time to start a fresh.  Its time to release and let go of the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentally.  It’s ok to agree to disagree and be ok with that. It’s ok to be you!

Become the observer of your mind, thoughts and feelings, step back from the noise and strive to think more for yourself with wisdom and foresight. 


The number 20 (2) seeks to understand and find equilibrium in all things. It is the yin yang symbol and the perfect balance of dualities, dancing within a tidy contained circle – living harmoniously while each still maintaining intact identities. 

Balance is the key, when we have balance we have stability, when we have stability we have growth. Think of a tree and how’s its roots reach deep into the earth, immersed into the underbelly of that which gives life – this is where seeds are planted from which new beginnings take root and from which life begins anew.

To do this you have to trust that what you reach for, what you desire and what you strive for will unfold with every inch of growth that takes you toward the sunshine and the joy to be found in life.

To also know that as you grow, your roots are stable and no matter how hard the wind blows, you’ll sway and flow with greater tolerance and understanding for yourself and others.  Stay rooted in the knowledge that stability enables growth and enduring possibilities.  Strong roots makes for strong growth!

20/20 vision – more than just numbers

A powerful awakening of your intuition will happen throughout the 2020’s. It’s the seedings of hope awaiting your instructions as you work with purposeful intention. Water it well, but not too much – balance is the key. 

Your intuition is your natural navigation system and this is also what 2020 is all about – its your inner vision. The `seer’ in you is awakening bringing an elevated awareness to your life – we are always adjusting, aligning, balancing – watch how nature itself evolves constantly aligning, harmonising, seeking balance – it trusts its path and thrives intuitively. 

Embracing your intuitive insights gives you the ability to think through wisely. The impact of living a life that is intuitively created is the key to unlocking inspired abundant living. Reflect, dream, be magical and fill your mind, body and spirit with desires for the year ahead.

You trust the path ahead and life flows with greater ease as you let go of imagined boundaries and what can’t be done. When you let go – see that as leaves falling from the stability of a tree that has served its purpose and now serves to replreplenish and nourish the soil in which you stand.  If leaves fall, let them!

Liberate your senses…

We have a liberating time ahead with planetary aspects of promised expansion, new opportunities, heightened awareness and courage. Trust that you will be given the tools so that you can handle both sides of what life throws at you – seek the balance that resides within

It’s time to allow for greater harmony and peace in our lives and to wish that for others too.  What you do to others you do also to yourself.  Make 2020 a year of kindness just because!

Sound Inspiration

For the next few month we will be working with the power of Intention to seek balance, to unlock enhanced intuitive insights, 3rd eye connection and pineal gland activation for an inspired and purposeful life. 

We will be joined and facilitated by the healing vibrations of the Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Tuning Pipes and other Therapeutic tools – all you need to is listen, tune in, feel, trust and believe in the impossible! 

Sound Therapy is a powerful tool for change. Let the frequences propel you forward in the direction of your choice and desire. 

Your path will unfold when you let tired leaves fall!

Peace out!


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January 11th, 25th

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