Closures, Completions, Culminations

The Full Moon Represents Closures, Completions and Culminations

The sun is opposite the Moon giving full exposure with 100% illumination.  What will you see now at this time that you didn’t see before?  It’s time to discard or embrace that which has been illuminated.   At the Full Moon we are showered with the astrological sign the moon is transiting through – at this full moon it is in the sign of Libra so we will be showered with the energy of Libra

In the sign of Libra  8/4/2020

Libra Star Sign Personality: Approximately September 23 – October 22

Libra is the Cardinal (initiating) Air (mental) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yang (outgoing) and its symbol is the Scales. Libra is the “I balance” sign of the zodiac. Those with the Sun in Libra are driven to initiate relationships, make connections and create perfect balance and harmony. They are armoured with characteristic grace, charm, and a knack for seeing both sides of an issue.

Libra is naturally optimistic and will often look on the bright side of things, even when other factors say otherwise.

Libra traits:

  • Justice and equality are mainstays
  • Surround themselves with beauty and art
  • Good social skills
  • Partner oriented
  • Voices opinions only when provoked or passionate about a cause

Ruling planet Venus

 Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and Air is her element. Venus is known as the planet of love and represents harmony and pleasure, love, attraction, prosperity and contentment.

Venus also governs loving relationships and not just in the physical sense, but also in the mental sense. Venus seeks to unite you with the significant people around you.

This months Full Moons teachings 

  • The great awakening has begun and we are in a state of ascension
  • Things are seemingly falling apart and this pressure creates awakenings.
  • There is a quickening of consciousness as many now realise reality is not what it seems and that we are a global consciousness having a collective experience.
  • Certain things no longer add up and we are questioning more.  This is happening en mass across the globe.  
  • The media (fear/anger), government (lies) and what you’ve been told up until now can no longer keep you within a certain realm of consciousness.
  • What was once perceived as normal is no longer normal and the narrative can no longer be controlled for the purposes of control
  • When you detach and go within you connect the dots more.  Our state of awareness is heightened and nothing makes sense anymore.
  • People are now taking back their power as they assert their need for self-determination and hidden truths.
  • We are moving into the heart chakra of unity and oneness
  • This months full moon in Libra is showing us that the human spirit has the ability to triumph in the face of adversity.  
  • Libra is a number 2.   In numerology 2 is the vibration and energy of balance, peace and diplomacy, sensitivity, intuition and emotion. The 2 vibration brings inner-strength to support our goals and to bring harmony for ourselves and those around us.
  • Libra unites opposites and seeks the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Two is also for choice – its about the decisions you make that can ease the pressure and allow us to liberate ourselves from destructive patterns that have been in existence for millennia.
  • These destructive patterns of behaviour are now coming to a close but you still have the free will to choose.
  • Stopping destructive patterns heals the pattern of that which once was.  
  • Fear is a pattern of the old paradigm, and that of the last 1000 yrs. It was one of divide and rule. This has created great imbalance within hierarchies of power, institutions and governance.
  • We are now transcending and evolving as we liberate collectively – hold the space for a healing experience as you transcend the fear for co-existence and liberation into the new paradigm shift.
  • This new shift is into one of higher understandings and consciousness – change is never easy. We have to break down before we can build up
  • Also understand that the energy of destruction conquers through fear and this division.
  • When you fix the problem of division and fear, the energy has no reason to exist.  
  • Co-operation neutralises oppositions.
  • Surrender to this evolving shift, but do not abdicate your responsibility. Stay with integrity and seek balance.
  • Embrace collective solutions – this will unify the energy and show that opposites where once divided are now united.  
  • In planetary terms, the sun and moon are at 90 degree angles to each other and also forming a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto. (T-squares forces us to make decisions). This brings in the energy of new beginnings.
  • This conjuncture with Jupiter and Pluto happened on 4.4.2020.  This energy will stay with us throughout April.
  • Pluto purges – seeks to the truth, brings secrets out into the open, represents death and rebirth and ultimately empowers you.  When you are empowered healing happens naturally.  
  • Jupiter expands, seeks justice, joy, wisdom, good fortune, luck, bringing optimism, healing and abundance. These two energies are working in tandem at this time.
  • This full moon in Libra on the 8th April therefore represents Power – It teaches us that power, in any form, cannot be maintained without BALANCE, and that balance cannot hold without accurate understanding. 8 is associated with money, business, competition, and the incorporation of anything that is useful to it.  It’s time to also focus on what brings us long term stability.
  • The truth that Pluto brings now gives you the power to understand that which this Full Moon is bringing into the light for your greater understanding.
  • Fear of the unknown can hold you hostage, but when you understand more you can cope more and this knowledge will set you free.
  • Mars is also at 5 Degrees in Aquarius at this time.  That means that Mars will propel you with greater forward momentum – no looking back. 
  • Aquarius is the sign of freedom, and its ruling planet is Uranus the planet of evolution and revolutions.  Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 2025
  • The Number 5 symbolizes curiosity, freedom and change, and represents the five senses of humanity. 5 is the pivotal point between the numbers 1 to 9 and represents a variety of experiences through its developed senses, offering many opportunities for choices and decisions for the future.
  • Taurus is a grounded, stabilising earthy energy.  
  • It is therefore also time for us to connect to the earth and the electrical grid of the earth. When we ground ourselves we connect to mother earth for healing. This brings balance.
  • Connecting more to nature also balances out the effects of EMF radiation. The frequency 194.18hz connects you to this grounding energy. (Youtube)
  • Whilst we have the opportunity to do so, hold the space for the healing of ourselves and the collective – we must build our strength up in order to go forward – rest more, look after your health, exercise regularly, meditate, consume good healthy food, vitamins, herbs, clean water and other health enhancing substances.  Go outside as much as you are able and into nature. Ground and connect with the earth and natural environment. Listen to nature and empty your mind and make positive lifestyle choices that enhance your well-being and that of others.
  • Let this empowering full moon uplift you. Move away from negativity, avoid dramas and destructive story lines.
  • Invite into your life that which brings you joy, and whatever fills you with optimism for the future. Ultimately seek that which brings you into BALANCE so that we can all transition into a more positive and healthier state of being with the collective consciousness as humanity intended.

The next Full Moon will be Thursday 7th May 2020