5TH JUNE 2020 8.12PM

The Full Moon Represents Closures, Completions and Culminations

In the sign of Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sagittarius is the Mutable (changeable) Fire (passion) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yang (outgoing) and its symbol is the Archer Centaur. Those with the Sun in Sagittarius are truth seekers who have are faith in themselves, tolerate differences, and are driven to explore, experience, learn, and gather knowledge.

Sagittarius traits:

  • Philosopher and seeker of knowledge
  • Bright sharp intellect and enjoys mental challenges
  • High energy that keeps them constantly moving
  • Must be allowed to roam free and will always return home

Ruling Planet Jupitar

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Air is his element. Jupiter is known as  the King of the gods and is considered a social planet. It encourages your expansion and realization of a higher consciousness and reaching your dreams. Jupiter opens your path through travel, education, philosophy and the tests that you encounter along the way. It is optimistic, lucky and helps you to feel safe and secure in your environment so that you may take risks and seek the truth to help you toward your financial and personal goals.

A Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse is a far more potent lunation. Like a regular full moon only stronger, the Sun opposite Moon of a lunar eclipse brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

This months Full Moons teachings 

  • On June 5, 2020 the first of three consecutive eclipses takes place – a full moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.
  • This is the first eclipse since the lunar nodes moved from Capricorn and Cancer into Gemini and Sagittarius.
  • This eclipse creates a profound harmonizing of energies – from dark into the light. The energy moves very quickly when the moon is in sagittarius ( and gemini).  It’s a time to breathe deeply and take a moment before decision making.
  • The dates are a powerful and extra potent numerology code – 5.6.2020 adds up to a 15 Universal Date. 5 + 6 + 2+ 0 + 2 + 0 +15
  • A stunning 15:15:15:15 code of Spiritual Alchemy enhances miracles, healing, abundance and love – A quadruple activation creates a strong foundation for the meaning of number 15 to integrate and take root.
  • The Sun is at 15° in Gemini. – (north node) The north node represents our future. That is new choices, growth, information/data.  For ambitious goals – future events and new themes. Gemini is the lower practical mind. It is the childlike beginner.  Its a mutable sign so this means fluidity and adaptability, including changes of direction and how we communicate wisdom and downloads.  It’s a time to be curious and investigate and let go of old patterns as we let go of old structures (structures). 
  • The Moon is at 15° in Sagittarius – (south node). The south represents our past. Old patterns that need shifting, removed or released.  Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, brings joy and love, wisdom and expansion. It asked you to take things more lightly (higher wisdom), and not respond out of fear. As you look back, step back. Jupitar will bring you faith, meaning and joy. Let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.  Allow new pathways to open up – this is higher wisdom in action.  Your purpose will become clearer as you lighten your heart – the energy is that of expansion and freedom.  Sway with the tree, adapt and adjust, we are here to serve and find joy in what we do.
  • Mars (action, energy, momentum, libido) is also 15°to pisces (trusting, intuitive, listening) so spiritual alchemy is enhanced in a multi-dimensional ways.  With Mars there is a full throttle spiral into alchemy.
  • Mars is invoking that sacred warrior spirit so that you can move through challenges from a heart centred place. 
  • Mars is the great disrupter of old patterns and new possibilities. Breathe through this with meditation and yoga type activity.
  • This eclipse will be a very multi-dimensional experience and a wake up call – merging love though expansion and allowing the healing of the sacred masculine. A time to release and let go, through laughter and rest.
  • So you see, 15 is a vibration of deep esoteric significance symbolized by the Spiritual Magician and the vibration of ALCHEMY. 
  • 15 carries enchantment, eloquence, creativity, love and has a compelling charismatic impact.
  • 15 shines a light into the darkness. To find the truth.  How do you now wish to live your life in alignment with others?  Who do you now choose to invite into your sacred space? The current Venus retrograde will help
  • Venus retrograde is conjunct the Sun at 13°. 13 and Venus represents the Divine Feminine, so this connection is beautiful
  • Venus brings a heartfelt energy that resonates with peace, harmony, beauty and abundance. Trust and move into Devine feminine and the natural cycle of connectedness – values, love and pleasure
  • Venus is nurturing, healing and holds the space for others.
  • This full moon will allow you to see the big picture.  Jupiter, sagittarius’s ruling planet instills confidence and sagittarius builds the confidence so that you can reach for the stars with ‘higher’ wisdom and joy.
  • It may not seem like it at the moment, but there is excitement and new adventures ahead, more love and friendships with greater unity amongst men as we collectively wish for more peace and prosperity.
  • The era of others making decisions for us has gone.  You decide. 
  • Tune into your instincts with heart centred responses. Your intuition will be your loyal companion. Listen well.  

Full Moon Rituals

Think about what you would like amplified or illuminated in you at this time? What are you struggling with at the moment? What shadows need to come to light? Just a couple of minutes can be enough to create and evoke a strong message within your unconscious.

For example, formulate a healing, enriching or empowering affirmation/mantra e.g, “I open my heart a little more each day,” or “I choose to let go of …….(name) “. 

On the night of the full moon, go outside, bring a candle and lighter, and sit down somewhere comfortable and safe. You may even smudge or cleanse your space and aura first. 

Light the candle to begin the ritual. Repeat your power words out loud (or in your head) ten times. Ten is the number of completion. As you repeat your power words, look up at the moon and allow its luminescence to amplify your words. When you are done, blow out the candle.

Making Your Desires a Reality

As with the New Moon ritual, let this Full Moon sit with your desires for the next couple of days. Visualize what your life would be like when your desire becomes your reality. Experience what it would feel lie with all your senses – include smells, tastes, feelings, see and hear what you desire and intend. You might not know or understand how it will be accomplished but the Full Moon phase is a time of trust. Trust yourself and your ability to make it happen.

Extracted from Tania Gabrielle Astrology

Next Full Moon July 5th 2020 5.45am