Full Moon In Aquarius 3rd August 2020 4.59pm UK time

The Full Moon Represents Closures, Completions and Culminations

In the sign of Aquarius January 20th to February 18th

Aquarius Star Sign Personality

Aquarius is the Fixed (unmovable) Air (mental) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yang (outgoing) and it is represented by the Water Bearer. Those with an Aquarius Sun are driven by a desire to make the world a better place and to help everyone they can along the way. They are brilliant, eclectic, sometimes erratic, sometimes quirky, and always stubborn.

The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, a person pouring water from an urn. This is a symbol sharing, to serve others and cleanse the world. They have a willingness to share their wisdom, advice, and knowledge with anyone who needs it.

Aquarius traits in a nutshell

  • Unorthodox and unconventional
  • An eclectic collection of friends
  • Humanitarian and will take up just causes
  • Very sociable, intelligent and quick to make friends
  • Enjoy art and a leisurely lifestyle

Its ruling planet is Uranus

Uranus rules Aquarius, and Fire is his element. Uranus is a transpersonal and represents a deviation from the norm, eccentricity, individualisation, rebellion, self-expression and liberation. It can bring about sudden change, chaos and disruption. It also awakens your creativity, inventiveness, hidden talents and the genius within. Uranus is said to be the ‘Nicola Tesla’ planet of the universe. It is also associated with the raising of Kundalini energy. This is the serpent said to live at the base of the spine and when it is awakened it uncoils moving up through the spine to the top of the head and beyond. When this happens we learn new, things, see things in a different light and we experience life at a different frequency.

This months Full Moons teachings 

  • The moon will be in the sign of Aquarius at 11 degrees and the sun is opposite the moon in the sign of Leo also at 11 degrees.
  • We are moving into the Aquarian Age and so this is a very powerful and pertinent full moon.
  • It will be pivotable and will open the 11/11 gateway portal.
  • Eleven is a master number and the bringer of spiritual awareness and a true messenger of the universe. Number 1 is often seen as a symbol of truth, purity, leadership, optimism, positivity and initiates. When 1 is then quadrupled to 1111or 11:11, we are being nudged to wake up to our own truth.
  • Eleven is the light, but we cannot know its true power without acknowledging the dark.
  • Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun is ‘light‘. Aquarius connects us to the galactic and is multi-dimensional where the universe is made up of light and dark – the duality that works in tandem.
  • Aquarius will bring freedoms and breakthroughs as we acknowledge the duality of life.
  • The more you trust your intuition, the greater the opening of the portals of 11.
  • Simply be present to moment. The revolution of change is here
  • Be open to receive for the highest good – rapid awakening will occur.
  • This energy is about to intensity. This is the alchemical process of the 3rd dimensional world as we ascend to the higher states of consciousness and the aquarian age.
  • Expect the unexpected – it will be unpredictable. This is the wake up process.
  • Uranus will open us up to the super conscious, other worldly, multi-dimentional existences and awareness.
  • As a humanitarian, Aquarians see the bigger picture and their connections. So stay centred and grounded.
  • Immerse yourself in activity that stimulates you on a more conscious level – this will set you free.
  • Trust your intuition more so than usual. Just choose to let go and trust and the information will flow when you stop trying so hard to find it.
  • The air is being cleared rapidly now so you will need to rely more on your senses now more than ever. This is the big shift and present moment awakening.
  • New ideas and changes are needed for growth. Old ways of being and doing are dissolving.
  • Observe any restlessness as you forge new paths of being and doing.
  • Choose your own path. Chiron is also active (the sacred healer/compassion) and brings love through healing. Simply put it brings balance, healing and harmony.
  • Move into the power of compassion as you allow the the planetary aspects of Uranus propel you forward to create the changes necessary.
  • Compassion allows you to refrain from the need to judge. There is much division as people wake up to a new reality. People are doing so at their own pace and at different times. Allow this.
  • Let go of the I’m right your wrong narrative – this will soon be ramped up in the media towards the end of the year.
  • Continue to trust your own intuition. Avoid putting down others for something that they are experiencing which you may not understand – step back from the noise and understand that the collective consciousness includes everyone.
  • Seek harmony, beauty, art, music, take time out, and do what sustains you.
  • Jupitar is sextile Neptune and this brings fortune, wisdom, and imagination, justice, spirituality dreams and unconditional love. This supports your spiritual growth, especially when you align and seek for yourself that which is for your highest good.
  • Everything is drawn to the light, even dark energy and this is where the darkness challenges. You’ll see this with what needs to be understood. So…
  • See the darkness for what it is
  • Vibrate from your highest and brightest light – the dark cannot then penetrate your energy of high and the light cannot be corrupted
  • Remember this is the year 2020 and 20/20 vision
  • The number 11 reduces to 2, and two shows you the polarity of life. The number 2 seeks balance within the dualities of existence.
  • Look at your shadows – don’t judge, everything is being revealed.
  • If you feel the dark energy of others and situations go within and do the necessary clearing work that will connect you more with the light of your own existence – meditate, step back, space clear.
  • Address what needs to be cleared – do what makes you feel ‘lighter’ emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
  • Remember the dark is there to show you your light.
  • Uranus and Aquarius bring change so observe what brings you fear. Acknowledge, let it go, don’t partake.
  • Instead connect with nature and go meditate.
  • Nature will express its beauty and love to you if you let it – seek it and it will find you. Nature in its wholeness embodies the light. and everything is connected just like the 4 elements. If the fire should burn too bright, water puts it out. The air connects the land and the earth on which we stand
  • Nurture this light within you and allow its reflection to extend above and beyond you.
  • Know that we are all beings of light, don’t be afraid to face your shadows so you can shine the light where needed.
  • Be present to the moment. Integrate the love and the light freely. Let this energy flow by ‘allowing’.
  • Remember this is just an experience and so be conscious to that experience with how you respond (peace/freedom/love/safe) or react (fear/suffocated).
  • Go beyond these dualities and tap into the cloud of consciousness and choose. Remember we are alchemising lower states of consciousness.
  • Choose quiet awareness and experience the stillness in every moment. You are being shown the way. This too shall set you free.

Full Moon Rituals

Think about what you would like amplified or illuminated in you at this time? What are you struggling with at the moment? What shadows need to come to light? Just a couple of minutes can be enough to create and evoke a strong message within your unconscious.

For example, formulate a healing, enriching or empowering affirmation/mantra e.g, “I open my heart a little more each day,” or “I choose to let go of …….(name) “. 

On the night of the full moon, go outside, bring a candle and lighter, and sit down somewhere comfortable and safe. You may even smudge or cleanse your space and aura first. 

Light the candle to begin the ritual. Repeat your power words out loud (or in your head) ten times. Ten is the number of completion. As you repeat your power words, look up at the moon and allow its luminescence to amplify your words. When you are done, blow out the candle.

Making Your Desires a Reality

As with the New Moon ritual, let this Full Moon sit with your desires for the next couple of days. Visualize what your life would be like when your desire becomes your reality. Experience what it would feel lie with all your senses – include smells, tastes, feelings, see and hear what you desire and intend. You might not know or understand how it will be accomplished but the Full Moon phase is a time of trust. Trust yourself and your ability to make it happen.

Extracted from Tania Gabrielle Astrology

The next Full Moon will be on 2nd Sept 2020 06.23am