Closures, Completions, Culminations

The sun is opposite the Moon giving full exposure with 100% illumination.  What will you see now at this time that you didn’t see before?  It’s time to discard or embrace that which has been illuminated.   At the Full Moon we are showered with the astrological sign the moon is transiting through – at this full moon it is in the sign of Gemini so we will be showered with the energy of Gemini.

In the sign of Gemini Approximately May 21 – June 20

Gemini is the Mutable (changeable) Air (mental) sign of the zodiac. Its polarity is Yang (outgoing), and it’s represented by the Twins. Gemini is the “I think” sign of the zodiac. Those with the Sun is in Gemini scout out information, spread it around, and exist in the shifting, malleable world of their own ideas, thoughts, and perceptions.

Gemini traits:

  • Versatile, adaptable and easily bored
  • Quick-silver mind and wit
  • Loves to chat and share information
  • Communicators
  • Sociable and enjoys variety as well as change
  • Relies on mental analysis more than gut feelings

Ruling Planet

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and Earth is his element. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, governs communication and how you relate to others, and how others hear you. It is concerned with how you process and receive information and how you question and analyze information. It is further associated with your central nervous system, which is the key to communication and coordination between your physical and mental processes.

This months Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 30.1.2020 09:29 (UK)

  • This full moon on the 30th will be the first of 2 final eclipses for 2020. Eclipses are the culminations of the past 6 months for final endings and completions.
  • This will be a pivotal Full Moon unleashing light and joy on the planet. Much needed!
  • This will therefore be a very powerful eclipse as the year begins its conclusion.
  • 2021 is nearly here and it will also be the first year as we head into the 21st century. The number 2021 reduces to number 5 represents adventure, freedom and exploration.
  • The number 21 represents truth and joy, and reduces to the number 3. The number 3 is the number of generosity, spirituality, self-expression, creativity and playfulness.
  • The number 30 (reduces to 3) represents joy, allowing you to feel deeply and from the heart.
  • Gemini is the messenger and operates from the lower mind, and so governs facts, the practical mind, media, communication, information and words. This includes ALL media and any news.
  • Because Gemini and this eclipse is ruled by Mercury expect a lot to be communicated over the next weeks (and months) in all forms of media – verbally and in written form. Nothing will go unhidden.
  • It’s an opportunity to see both sides and the duality of life whilst being able to understand the whole picture – 2020 has been an enormous puzzle.
  • The Sun is opposite in the sign of Sagittarius (truth, justice and law) and both the sun and moon are at 8 degrees.
  • The number 8 on a practical level is motivated, hardworking and you get things done. On a spiritual level it represents infinity, timelessness, eternity, leadership and abundance.
  • The number 8 will help you access that timeless dimension and help you to see that you are a divine being of light, but remember you are not your body but you are here on earth in human form. Your body needs the lower mind with the help of gemini to navigate this earthly existence.
  • Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is at 27 degrees in the sign of Scorpio, and scorpio purges, uncovers secrets, and exposes the unseen. Pluto rules scorpio (death and rebirth). The number 27 reduces to number 9 and represents humanity, equality and completions and endings.
  • In December Mercury will accompany the Sun and move through Sagittarius, the sign of truth, the law, justice and higher wisdom.
  • The new moon on Monday, December 14, 2020, is a total solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. (joined by the planet Mercury).
  • The spiritual meaning of the solar eclipse December 2020 astrology relates to how you think and communicate. All that transpires leading up to the final eclipse will be transmuted into truths! This brings integrity where truths are here to set you free.
  • The December 14 solar eclipse combined with the November 30 lunar eclipse to form an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021.
  • Remember you are an eternal being and your essence is eternal. You are having a human experience in a human body. Your thoughts are not your feelings – this is aligned with beliefs and programs based on the past and learned habits.
  • The present movement is eternal and and full of wisdom and it’s time to be true to yourself with full integrity that can bypasses the duality of life (gemini).
  • Chiron, the planet of healing is also active and will support you in your quest to let go of the false sense of self, the ego and who we thought we once were.

Full Moon Rituals

Think about what you would like amplified or illuminated in you at this time? What are you struggling with at the moment? What shadows need to come to light? Just a couple of minutes can be enough to create and evoke a strong message within your unconscious.

For example, formulate a healing, enriching or empowering affirmation/mantra e.g, “I open my heart a little more each day,” or “I choose to let go of …….(name) “. 

On the night of the full moon, go outside, bring a candle and lighter, and sit down somewhere comfortable and safe. You may even smudge or cleanse your space and aura first. 

Light the candle to begin the ritual. Repeat your power words out loud (or in your head) ten times. Ten is the number of completion. As you repeat your power words, look up at the moon and allow its luminescence to amplify your words. When you are done, blow out the candle.

Making Your Desires a Reality

As with the New Moon ritual, let this Full Moon sit with your desires for the next couple of days. Visualize what your life would be like when your desire becomes your reality. Experience what it would feel lie with all your senses – include smells, tastes, feelings, see and hear what you desire and intend. You might not know or understand how it will be accomplished but the Full Moon phase is a time of trust. Trust yourself and your ability to make it happen.

The next Full Moon will be 30th December 2020 03.28am