• Removing stagnant or negative energy from your immediate living space.
  • Clearing predecessor energy (from prior occupants)
  • Moving into a home/house clearing
  • Clearing gemstones for personal use
  • After an illness
  • As a gift E.g., housewarming
  • In hotel rooms and travel
  • After a disagreement, arguments, break-ups, emotional upheaval, or trauma


  • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space
  • Between clients, especially for bodywork or therapeutic clients
  • Between classes
  • Before or after meetings
  • Before and after parties or other group gatherings


If you’ve ever followed the work of Dr Masuru Emoto who studied the effects of water, consciousness and intention, you’ll be aware of the profound effects that words and intentions can have on water/liquid/matter. This was also part of my training in sound therapy so I’m very confident of the work.

Based on his principle theories I charge my Space Clearing Smudge Sprays with a specific healing frequency whilst holding a clear healing intention and blessing to every bottle produced.


No.1Organic Rose Floral Water – well known for its comforting aromatic essence that carries the highest resonating measurable frequencies of all essential oils

No.2Organic Lavender Floral water – well known for its cleansing, soothing and relaxing energy.

Other ingredients

If you can imagine a forest garden – its earthy, fresh, an invigorating heady wood scent – this is Siberian Fir Needle.  Now add more woody soft notes with the faint undertone of sandalwood, this is Cedar Wood.  Add to that, a further warm spicy, hauntingly earthy smell – this is Frankincense.  Are you feeling this yet?  Ok let’s add the cleansing, clearing ceremonial aspect of White Sage – this too is heady, smokey, menthol, sharp and cooling with an intoxicating effect.  Finally we include a heavenly indescribable fragrant pure warm woody essence – its calming and tranquility inducing, and transmits a sense of peace.  This is Palo Santo. (supplied direct from Ecuador).


Native Americans used smudging rituals for healing, cleansing one’s aura and space clearing with sage, sweetgrass and cedar.

The smoke of African sage is still used as an offering when praying, to call the ancestors, invoke trance states and to cleanse the energy in spaces and around people.

Asian traditions use gongs, bells, and incenses for space clearing.

Throughout the Middle East incenses and resins have been used for centuries to cleanse a space and bring in higher energies, using myrrh, frankincense, and copal.

In South America Shamans have used Palo Santo Wood for healing, clearing, and bringing in positive energy. There are additional methods and tools used to space clear, and include essential oils, sea salt, crystals, intention and prayer.