• What can I expect?

Come with an open-end mind and let go of any expectations, and simply allow the sounds to wash through and over you.  If you enjoy music then its likely you will enjoy this experience. There are no hard and fast rules as to what you will get out of it, as with all therapies.  


Sound Therapy is becoming more and more popular because of its therapeutic benefits and when let go and simply trust the process, it can work, as some have said, "Like Magic"

  • What does it feel like?

Sound therapy is a very relaxing experience.  Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, especially if you are dealing with heightened emotions.  This can be a sign of resistance, mostly to change and fear of the unknown.  


Sound Therapy is an energy therapy so it will have an emotional e charge to it as it stirs up deep seated emotions.  It can push you to the edge of your fears but this is usually when breakthroughs happen.

  • Do I need to bring anything

Just yourself.  Just show up, wear loose comfortable clothing, relax and lay down on the mats provided and enjoy.  Although these are usually provided, you can bring your own blanket

  • Anything else?

Please feel free to message me here