Rest, Balance and sheer relaxation

Zen yoga studios is a beautifully compact and contained studio in the heart of Camberwell.  Its easy to get to being  just off the main road where ample buses run nearby.  

With its Buddhist influence and ownership its the perfect place to realign your senses with its profoundly calming energy.  It truly is Zen by name, and Zen by nature.

At Zen’s I usually work with themes which I weave into a guided meditation during the Gong experience.

Themed Meditations can facilitate the `Sound’ experience!

It’s a way for me to work with words in a constructive way – It facilitates focus and allows us to work with clear intention.

Words carry an energetic power, the meaning and understanding and perceptions we give it can change our world, affect how we live our lives depending on our belief system and what we believe to be true. 

Themes include such topics as ‘Sacred Space’. In this instance sacred space refers to that space of stillness to be found within you.  Its where you go to get quiet, to be moved, to connect, to feel safe, to allow for answers, insights and for intuitive understandings to evolve – a time for you to be with you … your private, secret place that only you can access and a private sanctuary where you go to heal for each Gong experience.

Themes/words include balance, peace, abundance, love & acceptance – It’s simply a way to give your body a chance to explore your inner world with themes and words so that you can reflect this in your outer world with guided intention, if you so choose.

You can take note of the word/theme or simply do your own thing – there are no rules, only guidance.  Nothing is compulsory, its just a time for you to get out of your own way and come to a place of stillness within and that space between each breath – whatever works for you!

Intentions work in harmony with Sound Therapy 

This is also the motivation you bring to the work. This relates to our thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Energy follows thought so it’s helpful to set an intention that feels right for you. Intentions set the tone and directs the energy like an arrow – the Gong propels you forward on an energetic level like the bow to your arrow.

The experience can be deeply relaxing, deeply moving and very emotional. It can sometimes also feel uncomfortable as it can also take to you to the edge of your fears and beyond. It is releasing and may propel you forward with greater intuitive insights.

What do I need to bring or do?

  • You really do not need to do anything other than book, come to the event, lie down and relax.
  • I explain what to expect if new to the experience.
  • Cushions, blankets and mats are provided, although please feel free to bring your own.
  • Newcomers are always welcome but please do check out the guidelines outlined below.

Getting to Zen Yoga Studios

Southern and South Eastern train services to Denmark Hill depart on a regular basis from Victoria, London Bridge and King’s Cross St Pancreas.

London Bus services 12, 35, 36, 40, 42, 45, 68, 171, 176, 185, 345, 436, 468, N35, N68, N89, N136 and N171 all stop at Camberwell Green, which is a short walk from Zen Yoga.

Many of these routes pass through stations such as Elephant & Castle, Waterloo, Paddington, Liverpool Street, Euston and King’s Cross.

I look forward to meeting you 🙂

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