• Gongs are powerful tools for change.  It is the sound of the AUM or Om, which is the sound of the universe, all that is, and the sound of the soul.    It carries the sounds of total resonance, incorporating all the tones and harmonics on the sound spectrum, the range of which is mind boggling and phenomenal.

  • Gongs make sounds beyond our human hearing capacity but your body will nevertheless feel its vibration, frequency and energy.

  • The gong will shut down your chattering mind in seconds, immediately taking you into a meditative state.  In this meditative state your mind and body become most receptive to healing.

  • The Gong is a tool for the triggering of our innate ability to self-heal.

  • The gong will mix the senses and take to into a world of dreams, magic and possibilities. It will unlock your creativity as it shuts down the left brain in favour of the the more creative right side of the brain, also bringing balance to both.

  • The Gong enables you the experience a deep connection to the energy around you, bringing clarity and intuitive insights.

  • The gong in ancient times was used as a scared instrument in religious ceremony, rituals and for spiritual awakening.  As a tool it will affect us emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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