a little background info...

I have always had a varied and consistent interest in health starting out in Martial Arts, and then Yoga at the age of 14. I have a background in Sports Science(Bsc), having taught exercise and health for a number of years, largely with-in Adult Education.

In the past stress has been the dominating influence in my life choices where health is concerned, and I am forever seeking balance.  We all experience stress and some of it is healthy - it's what prompts us to stay on track in life, or focused on what we need to do, and can help us stay motivated and keep driving us forward.


However when you start to become overwhelmed, feel you are no longer able to cope, you start to get anxious, feel helpless, and no longer in control - you are going into stress overload and it will begin to affect your health (immune system is in constant fight or flight mode), your emotional state of mind and wellbeing.


A state of disempowering helplessness can start to kick in where life can begin to seriously feel like a struggle. Stress overload then swings us out of balance in the wrong direction and that can have serious health implications.  


Like so many of us, I have experienced my own health challenges, largely I believe, stress was a major factor. I've learned that stress takes no prisoners and really does take its toll on the body, especially if we ignore the early warning signs of stress overload (which can be easily ignored, overlooked or missed) until we are forced to stop - an all too common occurrence!  Thats what happened to me!


Circumstances allowed me to get off the treadmill of life for a good year.   I took stock of my life, took back control and decided to explore and embrace life on a more multi-dimensional, physical, mental and spiritual way.

I was freely able to researchthe impact of food, lifestyle, your emotions and its connections - a truly mind/body connection experience followed in how to lead a more healthful life.  I came to understand that how we react and respond to stressful situations can create imbalance, followed by development of dis-ease.

Your lifestyle has many attributes to it where we we are all trying to stay in balance in a life that seems to be moving at the speed of knots right now.  The demands of and the sign of our times means we are forever trying to bend reality to our will as we 'manage' our lives!


We sometimes forget that life should be creative, joyful and far simpler than how we currently live it.  This requires self-reflection, stillness and remembering who we were as children - remembering our desires, dreams, a world of make believe and possibilities.

Sound Therapy is a powerful self-empowering tool that you can experience as it brings you back into harmony, attunes your body to a lighter, higher, less scrambled frequency and vibration, allowing you to feel more in control, experience less pain, and more peace in general.  

I invite you to embrace the world of Sound Healing as I did.

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