Space Clearing Smudge Spray

What is it? Do you ever wish you could lighten and shift your energy and that of the space around you in an instant. Up the vibe, feel good, be more energised yet relaxed, be less stressed, and generally feel more uplifted?  Well you can, and it comes in a spray bottle, and no its not something you drink!

It’s used as a method to SPACE CLEAR.  Space clearing has been practiced traditionally amongst many Ancient cultures throughout the world for millennia, often based on cultural belief systems. Space  or energy clearing is based on the principle of introducing higher resonant frequencies for purification, healing and meditation.  Smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition. 

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Used for a multitude of reasons and include – shifting stagnant, dense, negative heavy energy that leaves you feeling drained, out of sorts, muddled, or that sticky stuck feeling, especially when an environment doesn’t feel quite ‘right’.  We are living in such chaotic and transitional times right now, so it might be a helpful anecdote to ease those stresses and strains.

I use essential oils including WHITE SAGE and PALO SANTO (direct form Ecuador), along with other essential oils known for their uplifting, healing and space clearing properties.  

You have a choice of two base floral waters – ORGANIC ROSE, as this carries the highest resonating measurable frequencies of all the essential oils, and ORGANIC LAVENDER, known for its cleansing, soothing and relaxing energy.

I am a practising SOUND THERAPIST and I would space clear all working spaces before and after a Gong/Sound Meditation session, one2ones, and all my instruments too, usually I would burn white sage or Palo Santo.  The only problem is that I found it too inconvenient for travelling purposes, and some objected to the burning smokey after effects.  So with a little experimentation I came up with these really convenient travel size smudge sprays using all the traditional space clearing ingredients in the form of essential oils all in a bottle.   

I now use them regularly to clear spaces just like before, but this is a lot cleaner, easier and quicker.  A quick spritz here and there does the job very well and I travel with them everywhere – in my car, hotel rooms etc.

Now here’s the special bit – with my experience with sound, energy and frequencies, I also charge the energy of this special product with SOUND with the INTENTION of amplifying its effects.

If you’ve ever followed the work of Dr Masuru Emoto who studied the effects of water, consciousness and intention, you’ll be aware of the profound effects that words and intentions can have on water/liquid/matter.  This was also part of my training in sound therapy so I’m very confident of the work.

Based on his principle theories I charge my Space Clearing Smudge Sprays with a specific healing frequency whilst holding a clear healing intention and blessing to every bottle produced. I now sell these to my clients, at special fayres, events, friends and family, and they sell very well.  

People use them for all kinds of situations, including personal aura, in working environments, for meditation, travelling, Fung Shui, new homes, after arguments, therapist use them for client work too – its usages is as creative as you wish it to be.  Some even use it as perfume as they also smell divine, especially the rose based one.  I only wish you could smell it now.   It really is quite lovely as it clears and brings clarity to the mind, soothing body and soul.  It really is CLEAR SPACE, CLEAR MIND!

All purchased bottles come with instructions (if working with further intentions) and much much more information too.